Assignments/Bird Dogger/Leads
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We pay top fees for leads, contract assignments, and deals that you bring us all of which can be done in your spare time.

For nearly 2 decades we have been Investing in the local Portland Metro areas Real Estate Market. We are constantly looking for houses lots and land. We get alot of deals from bird doggers, deal finders, realtors, and other investors.

If you know of, or have any real estate that needs to be sold bring us the deal. We are fast, up front, and will tell you a price within hours that we are willing to pay.

Some benefits to bringing us a deal:

  • We are honest and ethical and will not go around you
  • We keep you involved in the deal every step of the way
  • We handle the paperwork to make sure your protected and paid
  • We do not limit you to small assignment fees like other companies
  • We pay upfront when we take on the deal
  • We pay Cash and close on time every time!
  • We simply pay more than others do
  • We have a strong relationships with our Title Companies and get deals done fast
  • We are your fastest way to getting a check in this lead selling business.
  • Contact us today to submit your contract assignment or other real estate deals. Complete our lead sheet form, email or call us 503-877-1853 and let us make you some money.